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Big Fuss Records names Birds Over Arkansas as an Artist to Watch for 2016


Birds Over Arkansas interview with

Stereo Stickman

“The music of Birds Over Arkansas is, as a rule perhaps, absolutely stunning. They describe it as Americana, but all genres and terminologies aside – it’s just beautiful, in every way; an incredible creation of music from a superbly talented trio…The musical simplicity of it was baffling, as it really hits hard, both emotionally, and just in generally how damn good it is.”

Sleeping Bag Studios

“My jaw is literally on the floor in awe of just how beautiful this song becomes through its inspired attitude and perspective in both the lyrics and music of its second part…it’s a song as spectacular as one could ever hope to write.”


“This is a band that is consistent as well as talented, creative and eclectic. The level of creativity and musicianship on this track is once again utterly exceptional…Top class musicianship, clever lyrics and an intriguingly complex yet surprisingly accessible tune.”

Middle Tennessee Music

“Their new single Forgotten Lights should be spinning everywhere…radio, shopping malls, elevators, you get it. It’s that tasty of a jam. It’s powerful. It has mass appeal.”

SBS Podcast

“As musicians, you can truly hear how they come together to create the sound that they’re looking for…Forgotten Lights is a masterful piece of writing.”

NeuFutur Magazine

“Forgotten Lights is a tender and intricate song from Birds Over Arkansas, a track that touches equally upon the folk, progressive, and singer-songwriting styles. The vocals take listeners on a journey, while on-point drums, guitar, and bass unite to make a fitting backdrop upon which these lyrics can soar.”

The BC Blog

“It a nice song, its chilled, its simple (kind off). It is technically brilliant. Beautiful build up towards the end with the interesting harmonies and brilliant rhythm which once again is helped with the strong melody and complimenting drums.”!Birds-Over-Arkansas-Forgotten-Lights-Review/c1nni/5687e0ae0cf236d403958155

Root Down In The Shadow 

Premiering the new BOA single Forgotten Lights

Aspen Public Radio

Named Catapult as one of the 16 best “Under The Radar” songs of 2014.

No Country For New Nashville

“This is another band that doesn’t want to compromise on their sound or be forced into a specific genre of music, and we will all benefit from these talented individuals following their own whims as they create their full length follow up to their 2014 EP Behind the Lights. This is definitely a band you will be hearing more about, so get there early and check them out.”

Indie Band Guru

“Something magical happens when musicians learn to let go of trying to please the mainstream and just write music that feels good to them.  Any real music fan can tell immediately when a song sounds forced into a genre.  Our latest discovery Birds Over Arkansas finally found this freedom and has been on the fast track to stardom ever since.”


“This has to be one of the best and most well put together sounding albums from production to musicianship. Crisp clean recording allows everyone to make their mark on the album and vocals (solo and tandem) sound fantastic.”


“There are very few indie albums that can measure up to the music of Behind The Lights. From the powerful “Comet” and rhythmic “Catapult” to the 60’s psychedelic-inspired “Elsa”, the emotional “Lay Down Tonight” and the eclectic wall of sound on the “The String”, this Ep delivers great music on all tracks without exception. Birds Over Arkansas has all the components; outstanding musicianship, resplendent vocals, a clean, crisp sound and timeless music.”

Sleeping Bag Studios

“They’ve covered the map in acoustic sounds and pushed the borders of their genre in every direction, resulting in a completely satisfying listen and an instant curiosity to go find out more about this flawless band.”

Glitter And Stilettos

“From entrancing instrumentals to captivating guitars, cooling vocals, and inspiring lyrics, Catapult stops at nothing to venture outside of the conventional, conjuring up a refreshingly innovative experience.”

Music and Mayhem

“Sweet and melodic, with complex orchestrations and tightly layered harmonies, listening to Birds Over Arkansas is like sitting down to a delicious meal. You’ll savor every moment.”

Pittsburgh In Tune

Behind the Lights, the latest EP from up-and-coming trio Birds Over Arkansas, is the type of record that should get you excited. The four-track release serves as a perfect introduction to the music of Scott Haskitt, Laura Hartshorn and John Mondick as they steadily build a following.”

A Few Good Times in my Life

Birds Over Arkansas describe their music with these words: Indie band infusing technical prog rock, infectious melodies and harmonies, and singer/songwriter sensibilities. And indeed – you can hear these influences in their songs. It’s probably a band that found their own sound and it’s good this way. They’re songs are too complex arranged and played in order to be overlooked.”

The Music Farmer

“The song Comet sticks out to me as a masterpiece – an arena-style ballad complete with a crowd-to-flame-via-lighter chorus. You can feel the emotion in the music.”!birdsoverarkansas/cqss

OvaGround Mogul Magazine

Birds Over Arkansas is a featured artist in the September 2014 issue of OvaGround Mogul Magazine.

Junior’s Cave

Birds Over Arkansas interview with Junior’s Cave entertainment magazine.


Aspenbeat Records names Birds Over Arkansas as an epic discovery of 2014.

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