We are often asked at shows, “You’re not from Arkansas. At all. Why Birds Over Arkansas?”

Around New Years 2011, thousands of redwing blackbirds fell out of the sky. Everyone seemed to have their own pet theory.  In reality, it’s a pretty fascinating (and yes, sad) thing that happens now and then, and there’s not really a thorough explanation. We liked it as a name, partly because all other band names are taken.

The Aflockalypse! – The 5 Craziest Conspiracy Theories


Talented people who have worked with us:

Sarah Beahm – Talented Philly artist who is currently creating an animated video for our new single to be released in July 2016.

Koral/Young Group – Artist development and music promotion.

Root Down In The Shadow – A music blog obsessed with finding and sharing the best of the Philly music scene. Also sponsors Cover Club, a video series designed to introduce fans to new bands and share an homage to the depth of the Philly scene.

Ben McGuinn – Ben has helped engineer and produce our music from time to time. Plus, he built this website. He’s known for his speed.

Carbon Leaf – Awesome band from VA, and an incredible bunch of guys.  We were lucky enough to have Carter Gravatt and Terry Clark from Carbon Leaf help us out with a guitar track for Comet, on the Behind The Lights EP. We’ve also been lucky to open some shows for them.

David Rhodes – David (best known for his work as long-time guitarist for Peter Gabriel) was kind enough to lay down a guitar track for The String.

George Hrab – George is a super-musician/science communicator/podcaster from Bethlehem PA who has agreed to help us out with a drum track on Comet.  If you’re a Philly local, you should catch him sometime at a solo show or drumming for The Philadelphia Funk Authority.

Sargent-Thamm – Immensely talented artists and all around great people.

GMS Photography – Band photography by Greg Styer. He does great work.

KVON Photography – Photography by Keyvan Behpour.


Other Stuff we like:

Apenbeat (Aspen Public Radio)

Appetizer Radio Show

Weathervane Music

Rough & Tumble Studios

Philly Sound Studios

Matt Santry

Hezekiah Jones

SBS Podcast