More “Forgotten Lights” Reviews

The positive reviews for “Forgotten Lights” keep coming. Here are some that have been added in the last few days. Click on the publication name to go to the full review.

“Their new single ‘Forgotten Lights’ should be spinning everywhere…radio, shopping malls, elevators, you get it. It’s that tasty of a jam. It’s powerful. It has mass appeal.”   Middle Tennessee Music

“Forgotten Lights is a tender and intricate song from Birds Over Arkansas, a track that touches equally upon the folk, progressive, and singer-songwriting styles. The vocals take listeners on a journey, while on-point drums, guitar, and bass unite to make a fitting backdrop upon which these lyrics can soar.”   NeuFutur Magazine

“It a nice song, its chilled, its simple (kind off). It is technically brilliant. Beautiful build up towards the end with the interesting harmonies and brilliant rhythm which once again is helped with the strong melody and complimenting drums.”   The BC Blog