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BOA interview with Stereo Stickman - The nice folks at Stereo Stickman interviewed us about the inspiration behind our new single, “So Much Sky.” Check out the conversation at the link below!     Birds Over Arkansas – Interview                            
New Interview with Scott at Sound Saves - Scott talks about how music has affected his life in a new interview with Sound Saves.                        
More “So Much Sky” Reviews - The great reviews for “So Much Sky” keep coming in!   “Melodic and with beautiful harmonies, So Much Sky comes across to me as more Americana than prog rock. That the band blend genres or styles as varied as the aforementioned is interesting enough, however I guess in the end it always comes down to […]
Sleeping Bag Studios – “So Much Sky” Review - We love getting a good song review – this one is insane! Thanks Sleepingbagstudios for the great review for “So Much Sky.” “Loved the powerful emotion you can hear in both the vocals and music of this band on this new song…you can hear that music isn’t just something they mess around with – every one of […]
“So Much Sky” now on iTunes - “So Much Sky” is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and other online music services.…/…/birds-over-arkansas/id897525767                                                    
New Single – “So Much Sky” - We’ve been quiet for a while, but we’re happy to announce – we have some new music to share! Check out the premier of our new single, “So Much Sky”, at Glide Magazine. Give it a listen, let us know what you think, share it with your friends…             […]
New Examiner Interview with BOA - A new interview with BOA is up at – we discuss our influences, challenges, and the story behind our most recent single, “Forgotten Lights.” Here’s what they had to say about the song: “Its poppish, progressive-rock vibe made us feel good, just after one listen. And after hearing it a few more times, we […]
Ryan Touring with Project/Object - While BOA is finishing up new music and getting ready for summer dates, Ryan will be playing drums on tour with Project/Object (featuring Ike Willis and Don Preston, best known from their work with the Frank Zappa band and The Mothers of Invention). They’ll be playing songs from both of their periods with Frank – go check […]
Stereo Stickman Reviews “Forgotten Lights” - Stereo Stickman has posted a great review for “Forgotten Lights” “The music of Birds Over Arkansas is, as a rule perhaps, absolutely stunning. They describe it as Americana, but all genres and terminologies aside – it’s just beautiful, in every way; an incredible creation of music from a superbly talented trio…The musical simplicity of it […]
BOA named as Artist To Watch 2016 - We are honored that Big Fuss Records has named BOA as one of their Artists To Watch for 2016. “The group was selected as Artists to Watch for 2016 for their mesmerizing new single, Forgotten Lights”. Forgotten Lights will be included on Big Fuss Records compilation CD that will be released later this year. […]